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Avber is small typical karst village. Because of high altitude level - church is situated 400 m above sea level - offering wonderfull views over all Karst area. 

The village has long history, name Alber was first mentioned in a document from year 1211. Now has 98 inhabitants (2014).


Karst region is situated on a plateau near to Slovenian coast. The landscape with extremely diverse vegetation, countless caves, potholes and other Karst phenomena, the unique architecture and the characteristic red soil took its name and glory into the world.
We offer to spend your holliday in the Karst area and taste the famous red wine - teran and air-dried ham called pršut in one of numerous tourist farms with stone cellars. This gourmets' paradise is also a heaven for biking. Due to the mild climate and location not far from the sea, cycling is possible all year round.

Information on tel: Edi Fabjan +386 41 660 561

mail: edi.fabjan(at)

Bike tour guidance (less than 4 hours): 60 EUR
Whole day bike tour guidance: 120 EUR

For  groups of friends, clubs, families and business associates we could prepare special programs according your wishes and requirements. Just write to us on: edi.fabjan(at)

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You could enjoy accomodation in small village Avber ( and hiking around with our guide. Several ittineraries are available, we suggest you to join bycicle tour to discover manny hidden specificities in the region.
A visit of Vilenica cave with marbles dripstones, Škocjan cave with huge underground canyon of Reka river (Unesco world herritage) or Lipica stud farm with beatifull white horses are available in our program. Very near is also gorgeous  middleage town Štanjel with preserved old stone architecture, castle, an old house with ethnological museum and splendid Ferrari garden.

Accepting groups is possible anywhere in the Karst. For programms should be a group of minimum 4 people. In other case some supplement will be add for smaller group.

Hire of MTB bike and other bike accesorries is possible with advance notice.

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